You don’t have to live in pain. We want to help you find relief and start living today. Osteomyology care at Advanced Wellness can assist you in getting a new lease of life. We offer varied services tailored to your individual needs and goals to help ensure that you get the results you desire.

Initial Consultation and Examination

Danielle Morgan treating a patient

You’ll receive a thorough evaluation at your first visit.

At your first appointment, we’ll perform a detailed examination that includes

  • A full case history
  • Posture analysis
  • Physical examination
  • Surface electromyography (sEMG) and thermal scans
  • Report of findings

Through this comprehensive evaluation process, we’ll diagnose your problem and discuss it with you. If you choose to begin treatment, we’ll use our knowledge of techniques to begin your journey to healing. Additional long-term strategies such as nutrition advice, soft tissue work, rehabilitation techniques and ergonomic or lifestyle recommendations will also be provided.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal joints without proper movement can irritate and choke nearby nerves. Adjustments add motion to stuck joints, reducing the disruption to your nervous system so that health can be restored. Newborns, children, seniors and even those who have had back surgery can get adjusted. Our methods are tailored to your age, size and health issue.

We may use hands-on techniques or utilise an instrument and may adjust several areas or a single one. Our clients often experience a pleasant release and a sense of ease following their adjustment.

Price List

Professional Osteomyology Services

Consultation & Examination


Spinal Adjustment


Professional Sports Massage Therapy

30 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


Massage Therapy

Massages provided at Advanced Wellness are individually tailored to you and may last from 30 to 60 minutes. The types of massage we offer are

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