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Exterior of [PRACTICE NAME]At Advanced Wellness, our team of skilled, knowledgeable practitioners delivers excellent guest service and professional spinal care. We serve families and people of all ages, making a positive impact in the community since 2009.

Our range of services includes spinal adjustments and massage therapy. Additionally, we’re the only area clinic to offer Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields or PEMF.

Discover Holistic Health

Our dedicated team is here to lead you through the three steps to complete wellbeing:

Step 1: Pain Relief Phase

People usually seek our help because they’re experiencing discomfort and want relief. Our initial aim, then, is to improve your condition and start your body’s healing. This intensive phase of care involves more frequent visits, as each visit builds on the last.

Step 2: Rehabilitative Phase

With the first stage completed, you have the option to continue with care to correct and strengthen your body. The core cause of your pain hasn’t yet been resolved, and this form of treatment can fix an underlying injury, strengthen muscles, improve spinal function and provide optimum healing. Visits are less frequent, and your care is supplemented with massage therapy, exercises or modifications of daily activities.

Many spinal conditions develop over the course of years, so it’s important to keep in mind that it may take time to achieve long-lasting results.

Step 3: Wellbeing Care

Once the second stage is completed, you can choose wellbeing care to maintain your improved spinal function and health. It can also prevent the return of your original problems. We may recommend that you stop by 2-4 times per month to look after your health and ensure your nervous system is free from interference.

Enjoy the best of health well into the future. Contact us today to book your appointment! New patients can receive a spinal check for £25.


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